The Bark Room

About Donald Czyzyk

 My name is Donald Czyzyk, I have been in the animal industry for over 15 years. It all started when I was 12 years old and a amazing couple named Steven and Karen took me under their wing. Karen and Steven own the largest privately funded wild life rehabilitation center in IL. As a young boy I learned all about animal behavior, caring for all living creatures, learning that every living breathing thing deserves a chance. I have taken that and implemented it into my daily life when I evaluate dogs and help people with a aggressive dog or a dog with special needs. When I turned 16 and was thinking about my future, I choose the animal pathway and I started the First dog waste removal service in Rockford, We then added dog walking services and pet sitting. The business was BOOMING.. I was the youngest business owner in the Chamber of Commerce and I was the Youngest to Join BNI ( Business Networking International) At age 18 I decided to change my life and move to Sterling IL Where I became A store Manager for Pets Supplies Plus, Soon after that the Local Humane Society seen what I had to offer and hired me on as the Full time director of operations for 5 years. At the 5 year mark I wanted to do more for animals and that is when I opened up Muddy Paws the areas largest indoor pet complex. It was a amazing 2 years and in the end I sold the Business to 2 of my amazing employees. Thats how I got to where I am today. A dog trainer, some one filled with a brain full of dog knowledge and some one who loves dogs and wants to change lives. You see on the About The Trainer page a lot of different certifications and I want to walk you through them. First you will see the AKC and the C.L.A.S.S. certificates these are two amazing programs that I do evaluations for and I love the programs I am proud to have these two certificates. THEN you will see the 3 most important certificates to me, 3 FEMA Certifications. To my knowledge I am the ONLY animal professional in Whiteside County that has been properly trained on Natural Disasters and caring for the whole County's pet population in a Natural Disaster. You will then see OVER a Dozen ASPCA certifications, these range from all kinds of topics that I have been trained on. Every thing from Emergency shelter medicine, Animal Cruelty Investigations, Dog Fighting Response, and even 3 certifications from the ASPCA Poison Control Center.  I am a proud member of the ASPCA Field Investigation Unit ( 100% volunteer) This unit responds to natural disaster and man made disasters ( puppy mills, dog fighting) . So as you can see I have taken amazing pride in learning for the past 15 years and taking in all the knowledge that is offered to me.  


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Board and Train - Learning Stay

These two pups stayed with us for a weekend and we worked on sit, downs and stays. 

Teaching Dogs To Be Amazing

We where in a pet friendly store at 9:50pm at night (10 mins before closing). It was a perfect time to work on stay and come with this pup. 

Teaching Leave It

I have to say “leave it“ is my favorite begavior to teach. Dogs love to learn it and owners love to teach it. I train “leave it“ a little different. We use a fun game and lots of positive reward. 

Animal Shelter Training Session

When this dog first came in the animal shelter. The Staff called me and had us evaluate this dog. He is a hyper bouncing pup. We worked with him every single day and now he is calming down, learning to just relax.